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Wall Coat Rack’s Two Different Types for Smaller Rooms

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Coat rack is an important tool for our room and a nice decoration; for smaller rooms, there is wall coat rack that will not take the spaces of our floor. Wall mounted coat rack is very functional; we can place it in our bedroom and other rooms like bathroom. Wall mounted coat rack is designed to hang various clothes especially coats and even accessories like backpacks, hats, purses, and bags.

Simple DIY Wall Coat Rack with One Prong or Two Prongs

Many ofwall coat rack are designed to be mounted on doors or walls using one screw or more. Decorative backboards are also great place to mount the wall coat rack. Wall mounted coat rack comes in various types, first is single wall coat rack that has only one prong. This type can hang only one item like scarf, hat, or jacket.

Double wall coat rack is the second type that has two prongs that are able to hold more than just one item. The prongs of double wall coat rack usually are designed vertically but some others are designed horizontally. The longer prong of vertical wall coat rack (one prong underneath the other) is designed to hang longer item like coat and the shorter one usually is used to hang smaller item like scarf.

Gallery of Wall Coat Rack’s Two Different Types for Smaller Rooms

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