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Trundle Bed Made from Assorted Types of Woods

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There are some beds that are specifically designed for bedroom with limited spaces including trundle bed. Trundle bed usually comes with two mattresses that each is single sized. One mattress will be stored under the other. Trundle bed is a nice solution for a bedroom that is used by two children but the spaces is limited for two separated beds. Before you buy a trundle bed for your kids’ bedroom, consider the things below.

Great Quality Trundle Bed Frame for Durable Trundle Bed

Usually, the frames of trundle bed are made from woods or metals. The materials of trundle bed affect the weight, cost, longevity, and appearance of trundle bed. Compared to metal trundle beds, wooden trundle beds are more popular. The woods that are used to make trundle bed can be various. Oak is durable hardwood to make trundle bed. So many trundle beds made from oak wood can be stained.

Mahogany is another wood that is used to make trundle bed. Mahogany wooden trundle bed has distinctive reddish color. The price of trundle bed made from mahogany wood can be so high. If you want durable trundle bed that is durable but pricier than oak wood, consider trundle bed made from maple wood. Just like mahogany wood, trundle bed from maple wood can be stained.

Gallery of Trundle Bed Made from Assorted Types of Woods

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