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Range Hoods Varieties for Kitchen with Different Design

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Range hoods are very important to remove the odor from our kitchen when we’re cooking. Range hoods will also work as ventilation that keeps our kitchen feels fresh and healthy. Range hoods are available in some varieties. The first range hoods type is the under cabinet range hoods. Under cabinet range hoods usually are attached under the cabinet right above our range. Under cabinet range hoods are available in many strengths and styles.

Variations of Wood Range Hoods for Kitchen With or Without Island

Another type of range hoods is the chimney range hoods that are mounted to our kitchen wall instead of mounted to our cabinets. This chimney range hood will function properly when it is mounted right above your range and there is no cabinet above the chimney range hood. So if possible, remove the cabinet over your ranges before attaching this chimney range hood.

Next type of range hoods is the island range hood that is hung on the ceiling above an island in the kitchen. This range hood is also known as ceiling mounted range hood and is the best choice to ventilate for people who have an island with cook top. Island range hoods come in assorted styles like glass canopies range hoods, traditionally island range hoods, and curved metal range hoods.

Gallery of Range Hoods Varieties for Kitchen with Different Design

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