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Popcorn Ceiling and How to Fix Its Damaged Parts

popcorn ceiling scraper

Each room will be more stunning with popcorn ceiling. Popcorn ceiling is not only stunning but is also inexpensive. But just like the other ceilings and elements of our house, some damages can happen to popcorn ceiling. If something goes wrong with your popcorn ceiling, you need to know how to fix the popcorn ceiling so that you can keep the popcorn ceiling looks adorable for long time.

Fixing Problems on Cover Popcorn Ceiling

To fix your popcorn ceiling and maintain it, prepare some materials like paint stripper, clear plastic, tape, and drywall compound. Some tools that are needed by all do it yourselfers are including plastic sheeting, hammer, putty knife, sandpaper, safety glass, rubber gloves, drop cloth, cordless drill, and miter saw. Some extra tools and materials may be needed but the tools and materials above are the basic ones.

Then, before we start repairing popcorn ceiling, we must know the damage of the ceiling and the cause of the damage. If you need to remove popcorn ceiling’s texture, consider removing all furniture and decorations from a room where the popcorn ceiling will be fixed. Then we need to seal the room completely using plastic sheets. Now, you can start repairing the damaged popcorn ceiling.

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