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Pop Ceiling and What You Need to Know about It

pop ceiling lowes

Plaster of Paris or pop ceilingis one of ceiling type options you can consider installing in order to finish the interior room in your home. There are many pop ceiling design ideas you can find too, providing you a great source of inspiration on how to incorporate this ceiling type as part of your interior design and decoration.

Brief Guide to Pop Ceiling

The pop ceiling has been used for a long, long time. The terms of Plaster of Paris refers to the gypsum plaster, produced by heating the gypsum in a temperature that can reach about 300 degree F or 150 degree C.It also refers to the large gypsum deposit located at Montmartre in Paris. It is highly favorable as the material can be formed into certain shapes and details to exude the totally awe-striking ceiling design.

The gypsum is often used by plasterers to mimic the look of surfaces of stone, metal, or wood, on theatrical or movie sets of instance. It is because of how the material is easy to shape when wet, making it similar to clay. Aside from pop ceiling, plaster of Paris is also used in medical world to create classic plaster for orthopedic casts.

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