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Narrow Bookcase with Some Unique and Unpredictable Designs

design narrow bookcases

For your narrow room, narrow bookcase is appropriate. Most of them are designed in simple form, but there are also some bookcases that are designed in unique shape. A simple tall narrow bookcase in free standing may be enough for you. Not only to keep your books, you can also keep some other stuff such as CDs, DVDs, ornaments, photos, etc.

Cool Narrow Bookcase

There are actually lots of options to take to meet your need of narrow bookcase. You can have a ladder that is repurposed for a bookcase. You can also have some unpredictable corner bookcases. They present unusual design that can attract more attention. In fact, attracting one’s attention is important, moreover if you have the bookcase in your living room where some persons can sit and see.

The bookcase can be a place to show off your book and can be an item that shows off itself with its unique design. Bookcase is not always in rectangular or cubical forms. Even they can be designed to form a word. Rounded bookcase will be also interesting to add texture to the home interior. You can also find some other designs of narrow bookcase such as the asymmetrical bookcase, diagonal bookcase, arch bookcase, honeycomb bookcase and so on.

Gallery of Narrow Bookcase with Some Unique and Unpredictable Designs

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