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Mortise Lock Installation Ideas That You Need to Know

mortise lock handles

Mortise lock is also known as mortice lock in British English. It is one type of lock that needs a pocket to be cut into the door which the lock will be fitted. This type of lock is commonly found in older buildings, but it is also currently popular on the US residential construction market. It is also widely used in most domestic properties in Europe of all ages.

Mortise Lock Installation

Installing Mortise lock requires well experienced installer. Most homeowners can’t do the installation well. There are plenty of installation specialists ready to help. They use special tool, mortising jig to make the precise pocket cutting. The installation weakens the typical timber door structure. But when compared to bored cylindrical lock, it is more versatile both in functionality and external trim. This lock can accommodate heavier return spring and more solid internal mechanism.

Fortunately, this lock accepts a wide range of cylinders and accessories from other manufacturers. What friendly lock hardware it is. There are several popular manufacturers of this lock, including the Accurate, Baldwin, Arrow, Corbin Russwin, Best, Falcon, Emtek, Schlage, Penn, Yale Town & Lock and Sargent. You can find your Mortise lock from those manufacturers and then make a professional install it for you.

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