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Koi Pond: Some Inspiring Koi Pond Design Ideas

koi pond drawing

Who does not expect having a beautiful landscape with koi pond in their home outdoor area? This outdoor must be so soothing and relaxing. Lots of greens make you well-refreshed and water feature creates natural sound that is so calming. This is not only in the sake of regaining the composure, but also about home exterior decoration. Thus, it is also important to have the landscape and pond in an attractive design.

Koi Pond Design Ideas for Tranquil Atmosphere

There are plenty of ideas about koi pond design that you can take and apply. The first surprising idea is the natural pond. There is no stiff brick border of the pond. Stone, gravels, flowers and grass border the pond. It will be perfect when completed with fountain. The next idea is the simple pond with circular or rectangular shape design. You will love a hole in the middle of wooden deck where you can fill the water in and live some koi and fish.

Another popular design is the rectangular pond next to the wall. Stone wall will present a natural decoration. Some decorative lighting nearby the wall will create a surprising look in the evening. To make a nice balance with your infinity pool, you can also build a small infinity koi pond with lawn surrounding it.

Gallery of Koi Pond: Some Inspiring Koi Pond Design Ideas

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