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Juniper Bonsai: Beautiful Ornamental Tree from Shrubs

chinese juniper bonsai tree

Juniper is one of the most popular trees used for bonsai and you can find some examples of juniper bonsaidecorating home interiors. Juniper is a genus of 50 – 70 species within cypress family. It is a great shrub with lots of green leaves and when well-managed, it can be a great natural decoration. However, the most important point is not about where to add this bonsai, but how to take care of it.

Juniper Bonsai Tree Care for Nice & Healthy Bonsai

It is easy to put and display the juniper bonsai because it can give an impressive look to any place it stands. Just make sure that it gets enough direct sunlight or better place it outside. The thing that you need to focus on is about what to do with the tree. During the winter, give more protection when the temperatures are below 14 degrees F. Extra protection is needed, although it already protects itself naturally by changing its foliage color into purplish.

This bonsai tree also requires regular watering but don’t water it too much. Let the soil dry and water it. This tree does not like soil wetness. Feed it with normal organic fertilizer balls or pellets every month. You may also give liquid fertilizer per week. Pruning is another requirement that you need to do for the juniper bonsai tree.

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