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Horizontal Bookcase with Some Innovative Ideas to Take

black horizontal bookcase

There are two types of bookcase based on the installation, vertical and horizontal bookcase. Vertical bookcase is commonly used in small room, while the horizontal one is acceptable only for spacious room. In fact, vertical orientation is always recommended for tiny room. If you have a spacious room, you should be grateful because horizontally installed bookcase is commonly more interesting than the vertical one. Even with the simplest design, you will have it interesting enough.

Horizontal Bookcase Designs

Simple traditional and modern horizontal bookcase is commonly made in symmetrical rectangular shaped design. If you expect something contemporary, trendy and stylish, you better take the bookcase in asymmetrical design. The bookcase is not always with border. It can be simply added on the floor or mounted on the wall. Wall mounting becomes a good alternative for you who have small room and expect horizontal designed bookcase.

We realize that bookcase is currently used to not only store books, but also to keep some decorative stuff. In the living room, bookcase is added as the focal point under and surround the wall mounted TV. If you have free space underneath stairs, you can add it there. If you want to build a reading retreat next to the window, you can have a strong horizontal bookcase with cushion on it to sit.

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