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Fukien Tea Bonsai: How to Style and Grow Fukien Tea Bonsai

fukien tea bonsai bloom

Another favorite bonsai is the Fukien Tea Bonsai. It has glossy leaves, easily branches and blooms periodically all the year. It is woody so that it looks strong and will be nice to add inside or outside. There are several common names of this bonsai, such as Fujian Tea, Philippine Tea, Bath Tree and Fukien Tea. It is scientifically called Carmona microphylla and then renamed Ehretiabuxifolia.

Fukien Tea Tea Bonsai Styling and Growing

Because this bonsai wires any time and branches easily, you should not wire it too tightly. Compared to other bonsais, it grows more quickly. If you expect clip and grow styling, this bonsai is an excellent choice. Unlike the other bonsais, it does not require pruning because it has small leaves. Fukien Tea Bonsai can be developed into either formal or informal upright bonsai. Just apply the right Fukien Tea Bonsai training.

At least, this bonsai requires half day sun. Full sun is great because too much shade may promote undesirable leggy growth, more frequent pests and larger leaves. Thus, you better keep it outdoor and only bring it inside after the first frost. If you take this bonsai indoor, make sure that you have good lighting and air circulation. Too wet soil is not good for Fukien Tea Bonsai because this can cause defoliation, leaf yellowing, fungus and rot.

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