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Friendship Bracelets: How to Make Traditional Friendship Bracelets

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Bracelet is not only decorative fashion item to complete one’s appearance, but also has certain meaning, such as the friendship bracelets that keep a precious meaning of friendship. The value is not on the appearance and the cost of the bracelet, but the symbol of solid friendship. In fact, there are several bracelets available on the market that is designed for this purpose. However, creating DIY bracelets will be more interesting and impressive.

How to Make Friendship Bracelets in Easy Steps

First, prepare some materials to make the friendship bracelets. You should choose the right strandof the thread. Measure and then cut the 1st strand. For the same length, use the 1st cut strand to measure and cut the other strands. Tie them in one knot and then pin them to a solid surface. Spread the threads out. Start making the bracelet with the simple braid and then perform the braid. You can complete it with the optional main design.

Make sure that you tie the knot before beginning the braid. Knot the thread immediately to its right. Make half hitch knot first. Then, it is time to knot the previous thread from left to right. Continue knotting with the other threads from left to right until they create a long enough bracelet for your wrist. Tie the friendship bracelets together.

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