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Double Curtain Rod for More Wonderful Home Interior

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Double curtain rodis perfect to be installed in the large window where you have two layers of the curtains. This rod is designed for double curtains. It is just like single curtain rod where it comes in wide selection of the design, color and shape. However, it needs little bit harder installation than single curtain rod. But, it doesn’t mean you cannot install it by your own hands.

Shop Double Curtain Rodin One Set

To shop the right double curtainrod, it sounds great if you buy them in one set. Well, although it is possible to buy the rod separately, if you want to have a complete look, then double curtain rod set is the right choice. The rods have been designed for the wonderful look with the curtains. The curtains come in two layers. First layer is usually in white color and second layer that is thicker come in various colors.

The first layer will allow daylight enter but still keep privacy so it is thinner and has white color. The second layer has thicker material and various colors as it will add impression to the room interior decoration. Both layers will be hanged in the double curtain rods. The rods may come in same or differentsize. See how to install the curtains and the double curtain rodrightly.

Gallery of Double Curtain Rod for More Wonderful Home Interior

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