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Door Latch: Several Types of Door Latch to Know

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Door latch or also called sneck in Scotland and Northern England is a mechanical fastener to join 2 or more objects together while allowing separation of those objects. Commonly, it is found in the locking mechanism product of window or door. The latch designs range from the simplest one piece flat springs to the multi-point cammed latches.

Some Recommended Door Latch Types

There are some common types of Door latch. Deadbolt latch is a simple single throw bolt. Spring latches include latch bolt (spring loaded bolt with angled edge), deadlocking latchbolt (the combination of latchbolt with guardbolt to prevent jimmying and shimming), and spring bolt lock (locking mechanism with a latchbolt). Slam latch is another mechanism with spring. It is activated by the slamming or shutting of the door. Cam lock is another type that consists of a base and a cam.

Norfolk latch is the next type of latch that incorporates lever and wooden gates. Suffolk latch is similar to Norfolk latch, but the Norfolk latch lacked a back plate to where the thumbpiece is attached. Crossbar or bolt is another type of latch that is in primitive design with post barring a door.Cabin hook is the latest type of Door latch with a hooked bar engaging into a staple.

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