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Coat Hanger with Padding and Coat Hanger Made from Plastic

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We cannot put our coats on the bed or floor, but if we don’t want to store the coats in our closet coat hanger will be a smart choice. About coat hanger, there are five types available. The first one is padded coat hanger that helps us hang not only coat but also blouse, dress, and gown. The padding of the coat hanger helps the slippery garments and straps stay on hanger.

Wall Mounted Coat Hanger as Wonderful Interior Decor

The first type of coat hanger above, the padded coat hanger may be so helpful. But the padded coat hanger above also has some drawbacks that is bulkier compared to standard coat hangers. Besides, padded coat hanger will take significant spaces in our closet. The padding will gather dust so it requires regular cleaning and caring.

The next type of coat hanger is the plastic coat hanger that is very ideal to hang light clothes and moderate clothes. The plastic coat hanger is so popular since the price is so low. Unfortunately, plastic coat hanger comes only in three different colors, the clear color, white color, and black color. Moreover, plastic coat hanger is too weak to hold heavier garments such as jackets or slacks.

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