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Chinese Elm Bonsai: One of the Best Bonsais from China

chinese elm bonsai care

Chinese Elm Bonsai is one of the most popular bonsais, but endemic to China and some other South East Asia Countries. It can grow up to 25 m tall. The trunk diameter can be up to 1 m. It becomes an excellent bonsai because it easily develops ramification and leaves. It can live both inside and outside.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Care and Maintenance

Basically, how to treat and care bonsai is the same. The bonsai trees need a good position to grow, watering and feeding to grow better, and pruning for better development. Unlike the juniper bonsai that can’t live indoor, Chinese Elm Bonsai can live both indoor and outdoor. It grows in full sun and partial shade. During the summer, it should be placed outside while during winter it should be placed inside.

You should also make sure that the soil does not get dry by watering it regularly. However, you should prevent permanent wetness. Support its growth with the combination of well-balanced liquid chemical product and solid organic fertilizer. Pruning is also required for better development. This bonsai responds well to trimming done frequently. Prune back the 3 to 4 nodes to 1 or 2 leaves. Do pruning the Chinese Elm Bonsai in late autumn.

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