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Charm Bracelets Types and Tips to Find the Best Bracelet

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There are several types of charm bracelets, traditional, Italian and European bracelet. Traditional bracelet is typically made of metals such as sterling silver and gold. It dominates the market. Italian bracelet is mostly made of elastic material with flat rectangular charm. The European bracelet is made of metal and the charm is made of enamel and glass. This type of bracelet has rounded beads.

How to Select Charm Bracelets

Whether you look for silver or gold charm bracelet, there are some considerations to take. First, you need to consider your budget. You should set the budget limit before looking for the bracelet. If you have more budgets, you can take the charm bracelets that are made of platinum, gold or sterling silver. Some popular brands offer pricier cost, such as the Tiffany & Co.

There are some other materials that you need to consider for more affordable cost. They can be stainless steel and alloy metals. For the charm, you can take one of gemstones, enamel and glass beads. After you set the budget, go to find the bracelet with the appropriate style. If you want to buy the bracelet to commemorate your special occasions, you should have the charm bracelets with black space to be engraved with short inscription.

Gallery of Charm Bracelets Types and Tips to Find the Best Bracelet

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