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Ceiling Medallions Buying Guides to Complement Beautiful Room

ceiling medallions wall decor

Ceiling medallions will add wonderful accent to a room. The main purpose of ceiling medallions is to support the light fixtures and ceiling fans. But today, so many homeowners choose ceiling medallions to decorate their house and make their interior looks more adorable. If you’re interested to choose ceiling medallions, you’re suggested to read some information below.

Considerations before Buying Wood Ceiling Medallions

Before shopping new ceiling medallions, choose the right location for your ceiling medallions. Ceiling medallion is designed to be used with either ceiling fan or lighting fixture. Usually, ceiling medallion comes with one hole right in the center that is designed to connect light fixture. If your light fixture already has junction box, using the location above can be extremely easy.

The size of ceiling medallion is the next thing you must consider when choosing ceiling medallions. If your room is small, incredibly big ceiling medallion is going to overwhelm your room’s space. Small medallion in big room will make your interior looks so terrible. For small room, you’re suggested to use 12 inches ceiling medallions in round shape or square shape. Then decide the finish of ceiling medallions before you buy. Get unfinished ceiling medallions you can stain or paint if your ceiling is custom painted.

Gallery of Ceiling Medallions Buying Guides to Complement Beautiful Room

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