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Bridal Shower Cakes in Simple but Impressive Designs and Decors

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It is not enough to have some kinds of dessert at your bridal shower because you will also need bridal shower cakes for prettier and more fun party. It is a bit challenging to find the best shower cake because there are lots of examples of shower cake designs that you can select from. The designs are based on so many styles. Just grab some bridal shower cakes images and find some inspirations.

Pretty Bridal Shower Cakes

Simple two tiers bridal shower cakes in white background will look interesting when covered with well-arranged green and pink Necco wafers. Gold glitter completes this simple look with more elegant touch. It is simple to make but looks stunning for your bridal party. Even you can go with the single tiered cake. It will look more impressive with the blue buttercream frosting to cover the cake and to give texture. The itty-bitty toppers are a great finish.

The other simple shower cake is designed in two tiers. It is designed with rustic charm and finished with buttercream. The interesting stuff of this cake is the swag of fresh flowers. What about the naked cake? It will be also interesting due to its simplicity. There is no need of frosting the cake. Just complete this one of simple bridal shower cakes with lemon filling and full peonies to make the cake shine.

Gallery of Bridal Shower Cakes in Simple but Impressive Designs and Decors

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