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Bistro Table: Extra Entertaining Furniture for Indoor and Outdoor

bistro table ideas

Bistro table can be a good alternative of both indoor and outdoor furnishing. It is commonly added to build an extra entertaining space. However, it can also become the dining furniture when added in an apartment. It works with 2 to 4 chairs, depending on the size. There are some unique designs that you need to see so that you will find the best table for your home.

Bistro Table and Chairs Sets

Commonly, Bistro table is designed with rounded table top. However, rectangular top is also acceptable. It is made of several materials, such as wood, steel, and metal. The table top is sometimes made of glass. The table used to present some detail ornamentations, but now, the table is designed in simple form such as a stable with four legs. Inside the house, this furniture piece is mostly added next to a window. Outside, it can be placed in the patio or next to a swimming pool.

Just like a dining table, it can work with any type of chairs. It can be completed with armchair, armless chair, stool and even bench. Of course, the number of the seating units depends on the size of the table. Although it can work with up to 4 chairs, it is mostly combined with only 2 chairs. When working with stools, the Bistro table will have higher design.

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