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Bathroom Vanities: Crucial Part of Every Bathroom Design

bathroom vanities with makeup area

Bathroom vanities are now offered with various designs and ideas by the manufacturers. Each manufacturer is like going in the race to compete each other to give you the best vanities that work impressively to update and complement your bathroom. You know, vanities are crucial part of any bathroom design, so you need them to make your bathroom more beautiful and comfortable. The question is how to pick the best one?

Pick the Best Bathroom Vanities

Picking the best bathroom vanities can be personal. It means each of you may have different consideration. It is like to choose single or double vanities—you will consider your bathroom size. Larger bathroom will be OK with double vanities but small bathroom will look stifled with double vanities. Then, for about the design, it can be classic or contemporary that looks sleeker, smoother line and better polished surface.

You may also see how bathroom vanities with tops will add impressions rather than the vanities without tops. The top itself can be varying. Glass, marble, ceramic, granite, engineered stone, quartz and other materials that are used for countertop can be applied to the top of vanities. Then, it is about the colors of the countertop and the vanities where it can be same or different such as white vanities and black top. Well, bathroom vanities are about personal taste.

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